Never before in a review of a lens with a high price-to-quality ratio have we made the recommendation to buy a different lens. There has to be a first time. And that is now. For video, an advantage of this new AF motor that is perhaps more important is that focusing is more fluid and that the AF motor is quieter, so that you do not hear it in your video recordings.

The latter is 10 grams heavier, has built-in image stabilization and is therefore 50 euros more expensive. When testing the two kit lenses, we were not able to discover any optical quality differences. The target audience for this light little lens is a starting photographer who is buying his or her first SLR camera. Nikon has really made something nice from it, when you check out the optical performance. More about that later. Practically all brands choose to equip starter models with a very narrow ring for manual focusing.

That is also the case with Nikon. And that is fast and good. It is, after all, not with reason that you got a camera with interchangeable lenses, right? The Imatest measurements show a modest amount of vignetting in the RAW files: at full aperture about 1 stop, but that is cut in half after stopping down 1 stop.

For every shot, we saved a RAW and a jpg file simultaneously in the camera. To our surprise, it appeared that when saving jpg files in the camera, the contrast was increased, so that the jpg files at full aperture in the corners show about twice as much vignetting as the RAW files. Above you see the same shot stored in the camera as a RAW file left and as jpg right.

This is not uncommon, and we saw it earlier in a test of the Tokina mm. At the shortest focal lengths, distortion is clearly visible, but no worse than with other zoom lenses at the same focal length.

18-55mm lenses: how to shoot stunning portraits using just your standard lens

Distortion is simple to correct with software. We really did not come across flare reduced contrast and light flecks as a result of bright backlighting during the test. Color separation in the corners chromatic aberration is visible in the RAW files, but is already edited out in the jpg files by the camera.

If you use RAW files, then the simplest method is to let the lens correction profile make this correction.You don't need to use a fast prime lens to capture great portrait photography. In this tutorial we'll show you how to take amazing people pictures using simple mm lenses and a reflector. In addition to our mm lens, we're using a reflector to bounce light into the shadows of our model's face. We dressed our model in winter clothing and accessories to suit the seasonal theme - bright hats and gloves, and fur hoods or coats all work well.

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The 'classic' focal length for portraits is usually said to be around 85mm, so you'll want to zoom your mm lens to its longest focal length of 55mm, or close to it 55mm multiplied by the 1. Narrow apertures also capture more depth of field, so you'll need to put plenty of space between your subject and their backdrop to ensure that you can blur the background effectively. At the editing stage we'll show you how to cool your image's colours to enhance the wintry feel, and even add some fake snow!

We sat our model on a bench, with her back to the sun so it created a backlight around the edges of her hair - there was also a bit of wind that helped create movement in the hair.

You want to strike a balance between shooting at a focal length that will flatter your subject, which on a crop-factor camera will be around 30mm and above, and using a wide-enough aperture to give you a fast-enough shutter speed for shooting handheld. You might be able to get away with ISO if there's enough light - just remember to keep an eye on your shutter speed as you're shooting.

To help you focus on your subject accurately select the Single point AF setting, and select a focus point that corresponds to the position of your subject in the frame.

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You're now ready to start shooting. You can get your model to hold the reflector, but for the best results you'll need an assistant to hold it, so your model's movements aren't restricted. The best way to use your reflector If you have a five-in-one reflector you can opt to use the silver or the gold side.

The silver side creates a cooler result, and the gold side creates warmer light, so we'd recommend using the silver side for your winter portrait shoot. You may find it useful to get an assistant to hold the reflector for you, as this will leave your and your model's hands free. When you're using a reflector make sure the light isn't shining directly into your model's eyes, as you don't want them to be squinting. Choose the right backdrop The backdrop is an important element of a portrait, and it can make the difference between a good shot and a great one.

In our park setting we looked for colours that complemented our model, and which looked attractive when blurred. Despite what you'll often hear about not shooting into the sun, it's a rule you can break with portraits, as long as you can get enough light on to your model's face.

The sun will backlight your model's hair to create a halo effect, and at wide apertures the bokeh effect will turn highlights into soft, shimmering patches of light. Current page: Page 1. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

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Page 1 of 2: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2. See more how-to articles.Sign in or create an account to access your information. View Cart. Compact, brilliant Nikkor Z lenses are perfectly matched to Z series mirrorless camera bodies and designed around the revolutionary new Z Mount for the ultimate in optical image quality. Nikkor lenses are born from a tradition of elite craftsmanship and a pursuit of optical perfection more than 80 years in the making.

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Since its very first camera lens inNikon has been tirelessly dedicated to crafting precision optics of uncompromising clarity, quality and reliability. From the depths of the ocean to the furthest reaches of space, Nikkor has always been the eyes of Nikon.

Welcome, Guest My Account. Mirrorless Lenses Compact, brilliant Nikkor Z lenses are perfectly matched to Z series mirrorless camera bodies and designed around the revolutionary new Z Mount for the ultimate in optical image quality. Adapt With Ease.

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DSLR Lenses Nikkor lenses are born from a tradition of elite craftsmanship and a pursuit of optical perfection more than 80 years in the making. Legendary Nikkor Optics An iconic past, a revolutionary future.From Nikon lens literature Introduced with the Nikon D50, the 18 - 55mm DX lens was designed as a lightweight entry-level lens for consumers that still offers Nikon quality.

It has a plastic body instead of metal, but it still uses Nikon's Silent Wave Motor for quiet autofocus. Our own comments Priced and built for the consumer, and built to the same specifications as the Canon 18 - 55mm lens, the 18 - 55mm DX is an excellent lens for its target market.

It gives consumers a lens that they will never need to change in most situations, and surprisingly good performance for a bargain optic. Partnered with the 55 - mm, most users will need nothing else. Wide open, the has very soft corners at the wide angle end of its range, and noticeable softness on one side or the other as you move toward longer focal lengths.

The good news is that its images are quite sharp in the center across the board. Its sweet spot is narrower than those of high-end lenses, for the most part being only a single stop wide.

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Chromatic aberration ranges from moderate to average, being best at longer focal lengths, good at full wide angle, but only average in the middle of its range. Vignetting is fairly severe at maximum wide angle and maximum aperture, but drops rapidly as you stop down, reaching a level of less than 0. As you move away from maximum wide angle, the light falloff decreases rapidly, to a less than 0.

As noted above, the Nikkor mm is an excellent lens for the market it was designed for, namely entry-level dSLR users. If you do feel a need for better performance wide open as well as a somewhat broader zoom range though, you might consider purchasing the D50 as a body only, and substituting the excellent mm lens that normally ships with the D70S.

Still, the combo of D50 and mm is an excellent bargain, and a great starting point for a dSLR hobby. I have owned both first and vr version of this lens. Qi is the same. A little slow for moving subject. What's missing with this lens is punch. Pictures are ok but lack vividness of pro lenses. Considering price it can be a good deal on older low end dslr but shows his limit on my D I bought a Tamron mm 2.

Good lens for a beginner DSLR user who wants to learn the ropes. Focussing distance being low The colors and contrast are pretty good. Very usable for casual shooting even if you outgrow this lens. Aperture is obviously not very wide at 55mm. It is meant for shooting in normal to good light. My only disappointment is the soft left edge of the image at 55mm, F8. One has to stop down to F11 to get sharpness across the image at 55mm. Otherwise, a very nice lens, especially at this price.

Good lens for a included kit lens price, more better as Canon EF mm II kit lens, Nikon produce sharper images, but when stopping down to F8.

Blur Background using 18-55mm Kit Lens // Bokeh at a budget?

Nice basic lens, you don't need more to enter the DSLR world. It is excellent nowhere, but bad nowhere as well. And it's really versatile, more in my opinion than the as it allows you to try proxyphtography thanks to its shot minimal focus distance. I think you could spend a long time shooting with it and be happy - if you don't, as I did, get a 50mm prime in the same time. It obviously suffers the comparison, especially, in lowlight operation, manual focus, and bokeh.

Very cheap lens with good optical quality. Wide open this lens isn't a stellar performer but in good light situations or high iso settings is very sharp.

Color rendition is good.They can be had for literally a few bucks on Craigslist and at pawn shops.

CameraStuff Review

Most of this article applies to most any small zoom lens. When reversed, smaller focal lengths wide angle lenses yield higher magnification. How strong is that? At a house fly will barely fit in the frame, where with a regular macro lens, the fly would only be in the center of the frame with lots of space around it.

There are many configurations to reach such magnification, but many are expensive, heavy and cumbersome.

CameraStuff Review

Reverse mounting a small lens like this is perhaps the cheapest and lightest way to achieve high quality magnification. But this lens offers more than just high magnification. Being a zoom, you can select the level of magnification if is too strong.

At 55mm its magnification ratio is exactly like a standard macro lens. In fact, add an extension tube and you can achieve magnification just like the Canon, but without auto aperture control. The loss of auto aperture control is the drawback when reverse mounting any lens.

18. 55 lens nikon

IQ is great, at least when reverse mounted. This makes field shooting fast and efficient where you would be switching between subjects of various sizes. This lens can also be mounted on any camera brand or format when reversed. Otherwise when reversed, the focus barrel will twist wildly with just an accidental touch.

When you reverse a lens you lose infinity focus, which means everything will be completely out of focus until you get extremely close to your subject. To choose magnification strength, zoom between mm.

18. 55 lens nikon

In the field, regularly capturing images at 18mm that are in focus will require much practice because depth of field is about as thin as a thread.

The Fotodiox control ring is not perfect. A piece of aluminum foil works well. For these test shots I reverse mounted the Nikon mm lens to a Nikon D body using the Photodiox 52mm reverse mount ring with aperture control.

A macro focus rail was used to achieve precise focus. The subject was 12 point font on a piece of paper. To ensure image sharpness, I used mirror lockup and a remote wireless shutter release. Images are unedited and shot in RAW. The frame is only 1 cm across life size. Email Address. Press enter to begin your search.App offers following features Previews Predictions Tips Comments Notifications for preview, predictions and tips.

Send us feedback This app is for you. Do I need to register again on app to access premium content. No, you don't have to register. First login then go to menu. Bhai kiya solid app hei maza aa gaya, mein yeh comment app se publish ker reha hun. Are you planning to launch iPhone app. Do you foresee them making one like that in the near future. When is Dewalt expanding their brushless line with cordless saws, premium drills, and heavy duty drivers.

I have the 20v max tools from dewalt. A premium hammer drill and the original impact driver. What do you think about me switching. Do you know if dewalt is coming soon with comparable brushless tools like a premium brushless hammer drill or brushless circular saw.

Should I wait and stay with dewalt. I currently have the 3. They are coming out with a brushless framing nailer and a new rotary hammer that several sources described as being brushless.

Milwaukee is currently the brushless power tool leader, and offers a range of M12 and M18 Fuel drills and drivers. New brushless saws, a grinder, and heavy duty impacts are coming soon. Other brands are pushing the brushless envelope further, such as Makita with their automatic down-shifting impact driver.

Expect to see new brushless drills and drivers from other brands this Fall. With their premium cordless drill and hammer drill, the emphasis seems to be more on power and the 3-speed gearbox. Current 20V Max premium drill users who want more runtime are probably more likely to upgrade to a higher capacity battery than to upgrade their still-relatively-new tools.

I would even bet that prototypes have been developed and are currently being tested. Although, they probably already are losing market share to Milwaukee. A while back I posted about how Dewalt and other brands were slinging mud against each other through YouTube videos. They have to be. Brushless is too big of an influential marketing keyword for brands to ignore. Milwaukee pushed the boundary, and Dewalt and other brands will have to respond accordingly. Otherwise their brushed-motor cordless tools will look stale and outdated to users accustomed to be seeing heavy marketing that lauds the benefit of brushless motors.

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